Clinical Supervision

I undertook my supervision training in 2007 with Elke Lambers affiliated with Person-Centred Therapy Britain and the Counselling Unit of Strathclyde University,Glasgow.

My qualification is the 'PCT Britain Post-Diploma Certificate in Supervision'

Both my counselling diploma and supervision training are Person Centred; I also have some training in CBT approach and Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

My supervision style is Person Centred and I believe that the relationship between the supervisor and supervisee should be one which enables growth and understanding of the therapeutic relationship. I do not see myself as an ‘expert’ or ‘teacher’ but rather a facilitator.I will always be respectful of your counselling experience. My aim is to work alongside you exploring and working through any difficulties which you may be experiencing with a particular client in a reflective almost ‘therapeutic’ way. My aim is to support your work as you grow in confidence finding your own way and reaching your own conclusions about which way to go. I am simply alongside you with a ‘map’, which we can refer to together, should any assistance or support be required.

There may be times when events in your personal life at home or in the work place seem overwhelming and supervision may need to be more focused on your issues.While being mindful of boundaries and when personal therapy may be more appropriate my priority will your self-care so that you are able to practice to the best of your ability.

I also see my role as being available to discuss theoretical and ethical issues. I am also available to offer assistance with accreditation, by discussing or reading through your application, before it is submitted.

  • 60 ( 60 min. session)

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