Low Self Esteem

If you have low self-esteem this will affect all your relationships, both personal and at work.You may be aware that you look to others to make decisions for you because you do noy trust your own judgement. You may have lost the confidence to make choices for yourself.

In therapy we would work on finding the origins of your low self esteem and then helping you learn to accept yourself. Clients suffering low self esteem often feel that they are 'not good enough'

If finding your self esteem feels like climbing a mountain please let me help......

It is essential that you learn to like who you are, to believe that you are worthwhile and loveable.Our aim would be to get you out of the cycle of self judgement and self punishment.You probably look after every one elses needs and forget youe own. Self care and self nurturing is not selfish it is essential for your emotional health and well being.

If you have low self esteem you may find it very difficult to seek help because you may believe that other people need help more than you do or that you are wasting people's time, perhaps the first step toward building your self-esteem will be to seek help for yourself because YOU are worth it.

Self confidence is linked to self -esteem but it is different. A lack of self confidence is not about not liking ourselves its more about the fear of not performing well.

Confidence is about believing everything will turn out alright and that you can get through without knowing all the answers. Its about being pro-active rather than defensive.

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