Couple Counselling and Relationship Issues

  • Are you arguing and shouting instead of talking?
  • Do you feel angry and resentful?
  • Are you avoiding each other?
  • Has your relationship lost its romantic element?
  • Have your lives become separate?
  • Have you lost interest in sex?
  • Has a major life event thrown you into confusion?

    There may be a hundred different reasons why you may benefit from couple counselling.

    If you are reading this the chances are that your relationship may be in crisis.

    Counselling: Together or Alone?
    In an ideal situation both partners would want to come to couple counselling together but very often one of the partnership is ‘sent’ by the other ‘to sort themselves out’, the threat being that they will leave unless there is a major change.
    When this happens counselling with the individual often leads to couple counselling.

    As a couple you are unique and counselling can be tailored to your individual needs. I will ensure that you are both equally ‘heard’ and treated with equal respect and fairness.

    Relationship Counselling Alone:
    You may not be in a relationship at the moment but would like explore relationship difficulties that you have experienced in the past. Sometimes we keep repeating the same unsatisfactory patterns in our relationships and need some help to clarify what we are doing and why. You may be attracted to the same kind of partner but you don't understand why the relationships never work.

    Together we can explore the significant relationships throughout your life and the impact they are having in the way you experience relationships now.

    Deciding to Separate:
    It may be that you are a couple who have already decided to separate or divorce but are trying to find a way of communicating without a 'battle', often to make the shared care of children more harmonious.

    It can be really helpful to attend counselling where you can both be ‘heard’. It may assist you in finding safe and mutual ground from which you can plan your separation and develop a way to communicate so that you can still share the parenting of your children without them sensing hostility between you.

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