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I have a great wealth of experience working with adults of all ages offering both counselling and psychotherapy. Counselling will focus on and explore what is happening in your life now exploring difficulties in the present Psychotherapy is a more in-depth approach to understand deep seated issues ,we would be talking about your experiences and emotions throughout your life. I have a particular interest in attachment theory ( John Bowlby). Attachment theory explains how the bond between a baby and primary care giver influences future relationships and the emotional development of that baby. Our attachment style is played out in adult relationships, particularly our romantic relationships.

Couple and Relationship Therapy

I am an experienced couple and relationship counsellor, having studied for a Certificate in Person Centred Couple Counselling In 2007 and then a review course in 2010.
As a couple you are unique and counselling can be tailored to your individual needs.
I will ensure that you are both equally heard and treated with equal respect and fairness.
Communication is so important in all relationships and counselling can help you find ways of re-connecting if your communication has broken down.

Young People

For five years from 2012 I was the School Counsellor for two private schools in Surrey. My experience of working with young people started in 1997 when as a trainee counsellor I developed a 'Drop in Service' for young people with the practice nurse and dietician at a GP surgery.
I have developed skills to enhance my work with young people who do not have the vocabulary to say how they feel by using art forms, story telling and writing. I work with a person centred approach using cognitive behaviour therapy techniques where these are helpful.
My experience of work with young people has included;
Abuse, emotional, physical and sexual
Anger and rage
Anxiety, separation anxiety and school refusal
Bereavement and issues of loss ( parents separating / divorce)
Compulsive behaviours
Depressed mood
Difficult relationship with food
Exam stress
Family issues, relationships within the family ( adoption / step families)
Low self esteem
Peer group pressures / Bullying

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